Is Sungai Kebun Ready For This? - RussTini Real Estate
As published in Borneo Bulletin Thu 23rd July 2009)

IT’S only five minutes from Brunei’s super mall, Yayasan, and the town centre, that’s by boat of course, but Sg Kebun’s own shopping facilities are still in the dark ages. A row of what is little more than ancient wooden stalls is the entire Sg Kebun shopping experience.

But all this is about to change. An enterprising developer has decided that Sg Kebun is ripe for expansion and has put his money where his mouth is and built two blocks of shophouses in what can only be described as a ‘daring’ shade of yellow.

They are still empty so one can only hope that sooner or later similar enterprising retailers will take advantage of them and the residents of Sg Kebun will have their own modern shops, cafes and coffee houses.
And no doubt, the very latest Hollywood films will be available at a bargain price!

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