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This beautiful home could be transformed into a business centre or a dream house.

THE word ‘ghost house’ is probably enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. Don’t be alarmed though as the houses aren’t haunted nor do they have ghosts.

Instead, these are houses, which have remained vacant for years, and it’s a shame to see the once beautiful homes and grounds in deteriorating conditions. With a little effort, they could be shaped into fine homes once again.

Scores of locals in the sultanate wish to have a home of their own and the empty houses in Bandar can easily be transformed into the kind of homes so many dream of having.
G.A. Jackson
5/21/2010 21:02:45

Stumbled across this site quite by accident, but do have a question related to this & similar posts -

I'm an expat living/working here (unfortunately, not on one of the larger salary/benefit packages), and often see these kinds of houses while out driving around & exploring around.

How exactly does one go about finding out who the owner of such a property is, say if you have nothing else but a mukim/jalan name & number to work with?

Is it better to ask someone to approach an owner on your behalf? Or write a letter, but have it translated into Malay???

I'm one of those who would love to have one of these types of houses, and help to fix it & the grounds up.

Any thoughts/advice would be most appreciated!



7/2/2010 06:02:45

where exactly is this place?
and do u know how much it is to have it fixed?
does it have a pool?


11/24/2010 00:25:15

Hi there,

Is this property for sale? If yes, how much? And where is the location?


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